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AGC Convention 2022

AGC (Associated General Contractors) Convention is a yearly event for general contractors in the construction industry to network, learn about new industry technologies, and protect their key business interests. Workrise was attending the event as a Gold Sponsor, which meant that in addition to a 20'x10' booth space, we'd also be on branded key cards distributed to all hotel guests attending the event. 

To kickoff the event planing, we met with key stakeholders on Sales and Marketing teams to determine what our goals were, and what sort of unique messaging we could leverage to stand out as a brand. One of the biggest industry pain points in early 2022 was staffing solutions. Contractors were finding it harder and harder to secure a talented, reliable workforce for their build projects. As one of the few staffing-related companies exhibiting at the convention, we agreed that promoting our workforce offerings would be a solid attention grabber. We utilized that messaging for the key card and other promotional materials.

Since we wanted the booth's focus to be around having conversations with our Sales team, we designed a space to maximize the conversation areas. This included 3 'islands' with device chargers, as well as mini-fridges hidden underneath to store cold brew coffee and cold water. The islands were also covered in a printed faux-concrete texture to tie back to the feeling of a construction site, while providing some visual contrast with the large backdrop behind them. 

In addition to the islands with their mini-fridges, we also had informational tri-fold brochures, branded power bars, hats, and water bottles as takeaways. We also promoted a YETI Tundra cooler as a giveaway item to help entice attendees to get their information collected by Sales for future leads.

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