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Cleanpower 2021 Trade Show Booth

For Cleanpower 2021, a trade show focused on renewable energy technologies, Workrise purchased a 20'x30' booth space to promote our renewables workforce offerings. This was our largest trade show footprint to date, with our previous event spaces being only 10'x10'.

The goal of the booth was to create an inviting and comfortable space for our Sales team to host conversations with new and existing clients in the renewables sector. To meet this goal, we took advantage of the space by creating an open living room type atmosphere. The materials and colors were selected to be reminiscent of the kind of raw materials you might encounter on an actual job site - wood, stone, etc, - as well as tying back to our brand's color palette to help unify the booth's aesthetic. 

For branding and messaging, we utilized a 10'x11' storage wall, with large bold photography on the back. The wall also included a 55" monitor that played a renewable-specific looping video about Workrise's offerings. A 20'x20' sign was hung directly above the booth, to provide brand visibility from across the expansive expo hall. High quality swag items and branded coffee cups were on display to help entice attendees to come in for a chat with the Sales folks, along with a custom tri-fold brochure created specifically for the event.

Fun Fact: Due to budget and timing constraints, I designed and animated the looping video entirely in Apple Keynote!

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